Perfect Balance

I have A LOT of projects going on, some will never be finished. I live in the moment. Hmmm, maybe that is why my husband won't help me...

Goodbye Glasses! The Day Before LASIK

You might say I have a tendency to lean into routine. Although I would declare myself a creative type, I sometimes wear blinders to possibility. I also have poor vision, yuk-yuk. So at the ripe old age of 34, I wouldn't have considered laser vision treatment unless my husband had first had the procedure and … Continue reading Goodbye Glasses! The Day Before LASIK

Don’t forget to enjoy these little moments!

I often discuss the difficulty I find in maintaining a clean and uncluttered workspace (my house). Part of this is my fault and part of it is the people with whom I reside (ahem). I try to keep things going. I try to keep the dishes washed and the laundry folded. I try to be … Continue reading Don’t forget to enjoy these little moments!

Cheap Dresser Rehab – DIY

I am always on the hunt for a good project. I found this one in a flea market on a recent trip with my mom. It was covered in trinkets and sat in the back corner so I am surprised I noticed it. I checked the tag and lo and behold, it was only $40! … Continue reading Cheap Dresser Rehab – DIY

A White Garage Door Should Be White

  I mentioned that we live in a modest house. This is the side of said modest house. Sidewalk chalk adorns the concrete. My prized planters overflow, almost making me forget how bad the garage doors have been looking as of late. Maybe deep down inside I am overcompensating with the planters... You see, for some … Continue reading A White Garage Door Should Be White

A Coat of Paint and A Little Bell

I probably walk past this ugly bell twenty times a day. Isn't it funny how we grow so accustomed to things in our lives and no matter how much we dislike them, we almost have blinders on when it comes to the possibility of change. I pondered that very thought today when I walked by … Continue reading A Coat of Paint and A Little Bell

Zinnia Bliss

 I just can't help but post a pic of these perfect flowers. The Zinnia never lets me down. If you have one square foot at the edge of your garden, do yourself a favor and spare $1.50 for a pack of Zinnia seeds.  Even if you aren't that impressed by my photo, you will be … Continue reading Zinnia Bliss