Perfect Balance

A year and a half ago, I quit my job to stay home with my then three year old and her baby brother. I left the office on my last day, slowly walking through the parking lot, dreaming of what the next few years would hold. It seemed scary and exciting, full of possibility.

Twenty days later, after coming down off my “just quit my job high,” I told my husband I wanted to treat myself to a bottle of wine to celebrate not only the change in occupation, but also the end to breastfeeding my second baby. I decided it would fair well for me to take a pregnancy test, since – you know, things don’t always settle down after baby and I didn’t know where I stood.

We picked up a test and took the kids home. I was honestly thinking in the back of my mind that I would just take the test so that I could drink my wine. As it turned out, I would take my test and the wine would age a little longer.

Now here we are and let me tell you, our little family is the wildest thing I have ever encountered. I had no idea what I was getting into with marriage and children. I am astonished daily at the endurance, patience and cunning that is required to be a parent and a wife. I am not even talking SAHM talk. ANY parent, working in or out of the home, seems to spend most of the formative years just figuring out how to function… how to sleep again, how to de-stink the trash can, how to dine out.

Without going on and on about the crazy, I will cut to the chase. I am seeking balance in my life. My mom reminds me daily that balance is my secret ingredient. In seeking this ever elusive balance, I have been daydreaming about ways to combine my family and background with my desire to do something creative. I have also found a deep seated need to renovate our house. So… this is where we are now!

My goals for this blog:

  1. Document my creative endeavors.
  2. Illustrate the sanity-saving hacks I find for raising my family.
  3. Fix my house up and share.
  4. Meet people and talk amongst the adults.

Some things you should know:

I left a high stress job to do the books for our family owned construction business. We mainly build homes and do remodel work. I have almost exclusively worked in the building trades industry, bar a stint as a Certified Arborist (hipster tree hugger) after college.

I love art and take any opportunity to be creative.

I am not a designer, but love to design.

I would rather throw a coat of paint on something old than buy something new.

I avoid spending too much cash and will always tend to be pretty modest in the home. I am an Indiana girl, after all.

My husband is a top notch contractor. HOWEVER… he is a tough one to crack when it comes to my creative endeavors. I need fifteen good reasons for my project, a PowerPoint presentation and another person in the room for support if I ever want to get his help on my projects. Therefore, for most projects, I fly solo and ask for forgiveness later.

I have A LOT of projects going on, some will never be finished. I live in the moment. Hmmm, maybe that is why my husband won’t help me…

My kids are usually with me and usually the reason I am doing a project. After I get done typing, I will be painting the garage doors white because my now 5 year old finger painted on them.

This is the start of something new, I hope you agree (melody in the background). If sharing my project success and failure helps me get through these tough years, I will say it was worth it. If not, my kids and I will have made memories together! Many blessings in the meantime!



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