A Coat of Paint and A Little Bell

I probably walk past this ugly bell twenty times a day. Isn’t it funny how we grow so accustomed to things in our lives and no matter how much we dislike them, we almost have blinders on when it comes to the possibility of change.

I pondered that very thought today when I walked by that ugly bell. It had two masonry screws through the middle that were bright blue. A piece of long, old, dirty twine was tied to the bell so that my kids could ring it as often as they like, usually when the baby napped.

I stared at it for a moment. I took a stick to the cobwebs around it. I wondered where it came from and who would miss if it disappeared.

I have been painting the garage doors for a week now and painting projects always leave me wanting more painting projects. A coat of paint can do SO much!

So… I went inside, grabbed my artist’s brush from my junk drawer and a sample sized container of chalk paint (not the greatest choice probably, but the bell isn’t in the rain, so meh) and I spent five minutes painting that bell.

I didn’t feel done with it.

I had a letter “B” hanging sign that I picked up from somewhere and although I’m totally over it, I thought I might as well paint it too.

I love the color of the chalk paint and am obviously just looking for things to paint that color. There are like eight different colors on the Home Depot sample rack. You know, where you can get any color you need for the little projects and only spend $4?!

Well, I love those samples and while waiting for several to be mixed for a different project, I found these cool chalk paint samples also. The one I used here is called Vintage.

I really think it turned out well!

I cut the old twine off and found a recycled white ribbon to tie up a little shorter… no reason to wake the baby anymore while I’m at it.

The “B” hangs around his neck for now. I thought it looked a little like he needed some work to do.

Total time: 15 minutes

Total spent: $4

The bell stays a little longer now. It kind of feels like a cute little pet now.

Not a lot of time or energy went into the little guy, but I can already tell that I might walk by him and give him a happy little nod instead of a disapproving stare!

Yay for paint! Now let’s see how long it takes the husband to notice his bell is blue! I mean, Vintage.

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