A White Garage Door Should Be White



I mentioned that we live in a modest house. This is the side of said modest house. Sidewalk chalk adorns the concrete. My prized planters overflow, almost making me forget how bad the garage doors have been looking as of late. Maybe deep down inside I am overcompensating with the planters…

You see, for some reason, I forget that white isn’t white, isn’t white, isn’t white. White is off-white, bright white, antique white, eggshell, porcelain, lace… But it is anything but just white.

So when our five year old finger painted the garage doors, I saw that the paint she used was maybe— bright white? The doors– they were old, yuck white. Not only that, the rust was coming through the trim along the brick. Hey, I am all for rusty metal, it just didn’t seem to work here.

Ideally, I would have decided to go with a color other than white altogether. I would have loved to do the wood stain look or maybe a nice gray or slate. However, my hubby is keen on the garage door matching the soffit. I don’t mind losing this one because I hope I win the new front door and column battle.

I started by washing the doors down with lightly soapy water. Our doors and trim are aluminum, so I needed to make sure they were free of the chalky buildup.

I actually made three trips to the Depot for paint, because on the first round I came home with an exterior tint base with no color. Boo, I should have checked what I was handed. I think my buddy George was distracted.

On the second trip, I explained what happened and of course they were cool with it and walked me back to swap the paint for straight-white latex paint. They even upgraded me to Behr Marquee for the price of Behr Premium Plus Ultra. Sweet deal!

Well, almost…

I got home and painted half of one door before realizing I had interior paint this time around. DANG. I went back one more time to get exterior. I will tell you in five years if the half I painted with interior held up. Don’t worry, I at least painted over it with exterior.

The lesson here, check your paint before you start. Double check:

√ Interior or Exterior

√ Color

√ Sheen

√ Primer Included – If not, prime first.

The paint went on really smoothly. I used a 2.5″ brush for all of the trim and I rolled a bit also. I am sure I could have sprayed it easily.

I also found that a piece of cardboard was the best to keep paint off of the ground. The kids were tripping over the drop cloth.

It took me about a week of evenings to get it painted because it was so hot outside. I pulled the baby pool over so the kids could sit and splash and ride their bikes while I painted. It worked pretty well after I convinced them that I didn’t need their help.

This will be the most unexciting reveal. I actually have to show the project halfway through because you can’t really tell if the before and after pictures are just a difference in lighting.


As you can see, there was a huge difference in whites.

And for the finished product…


There is still paint on the ground from the five year old’s artistic moment. Oh well, you don’t see that from the road as much as you did the hand prints.

I am excited to be done with this one. Now on to more exciting projects! Maybe the next time I paint them I will get a little wild and go for something other than white!

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