DIY Watercolor Art – SO EASY!

I am LOVING the abstract watercolor paintings that are all over right now! I love the vibrant and beautiful colors and the transparency of the image leaves it feeling more graceful and easy on the eye. I see these pictures everywhere, but haven’t found a piece of art that was in my price range and in a frame I liked, while still being a nice picture!

I am in the process of finishing the master bedroom, which I just painted an olive color. I really wanted to find a rose gold, brushed gold or copper frame with a piece of art that was in shades of pink. Of course, I was too specific and couldn’t find one anywhere.

I ended up finding an awesome frame at Target for $29. I already had the watercolor paper and the paint set, so I thought, what the heck! I can do this!


Watercolor paint, artist’s paintbrushes, water, a palette, dry towel and paper.


Heavy watercolor paper in desired size

Glass of clean water

Assorted artist’s brushes

Dry towel

An artist’s palette or a plate (I prefer the plate)

A beginner’s set of watercolor paints

Guidelines to get started:

 -Remember the rule of thirds when you create your layout. If you were to draw two lines horizontally and two lines vertically, equal distance from the edges of the paper and each other, you will have four lines that intersect one another. A well placed focal point will have you wondering if you are an artist after all!

I set my focal point in the top left third.


Choose your focal point before you get started.

-Plan your color scheme before you start! I knew which colors I wanted to use before I started because I wanted the painting to compliment the room décor. If you don’t have an existing color scheme you would like to work with, you can always choose complimentary or contrasting colors. Just remember that your color needs to work with your focal point. A good rule of thumb would be to allow your focal point to be the brightest or darkest part of the page.


My favorite “painting plate” and shades of pink to match the throw pillows in our master bedroom.

-Water, the key is in the water! If you have never painted with watercolor, you can achieve so much from changing the concentration of the paint by mixing it with water. A little bit of water added to a color you have just mixed will change the look entirely. I used different concentrations of three colors for my picture.

 – Let it dry. Before you throw in the towel and walk away from your abstract masterpiece, let it dry and come back later. When the paint dries, the image becomes completely different. The edges will look crisper. The classic watercolor beauty will start to emerge. You may not like what you see until you see it dry.

 – Enough is enough. You have to know when it’s time to walk away before you go too far. Your color will get muddy if you mix too much. If you don’t mind starting over (which you will likely do), keep going!

– Have fun! Definitely have fun and try to relax while you are painting. Don’t get too worried about how it turns out because in the end, this is for you. If you enjoy the process, there will be so much more value in the finished product!


Abstract pink watercolor in brushed gold frame.

Whether you love painting or you want to furnish your house on the cheap, I recommend investing in a good watercolor set. I take mine out every two weeks or so and enjoy it every time.

The prints I have been pricing were anywhere from $20-$100 and were either frameless or in a frame I didn’t love. In the end, I saved a few dollars and feel very happy when I see my picture in the exact color I wanted. What more could you ask?

Happy painting!

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