Don’t forget to enjoy these little moments!

I often discuss the difficulty I find in maintaining a clean and uncluttered workspace (my house). Part of this is my fault and part of it is the people with whom I reside (ahem).

I try to keep things going. I try to keep the dishes washed and the laundry folded. I try to be smarter about what comes in the house and how it is organized.


I thought I would be better by now. I am sure I am somewhat better, but I truly thought it would be mastered. It is SO NOT mastered.

I am shocked at how much stuff is in my house and that all of the stuff moves constantly. I can’t get over how much dirt and food is transported to every surface of my house. Yuck.

In cleaning one room, I turn to find my decorative lantern is full of clementines.

My favorite- Orange Glow

My two year old locked himself in the bathroom because he couldn’t turn the doorknob after he smeared peanut butter all over it.

Sculpture- Nutty Knob

Granted, I am not super strict with rules in my house. I’m working on that part. I should make my kids have their snack at the kitchen table instead of at their pretend picnic in the living room. I probably won’t ever do that though.

So if I want to save my sanity and try to be somewhat clever about this whole thing, I say I better lower my expectations and try to laugh more.

It will be hard, but this is what I choose. I think I am more likely to look back fondly on those memories than I am to be glad I was strict.

Also, I want to add that I didn’t come to this conclusion on my own, but after countless conversations with those who have gone before me. I hear over and over…

This is a stage, enjoy it while you’re in it.

No one cares about the mess as much as you and if they do, they don’t matter.

The days are long and the years are short.

These words are changing me. I pray that they change me sooner than later.

So to end this confession of “I don’t feel like I’m doing well enough,” I will leave a few more pictures of our funny moments. I hope you share some as well, no matter what stage of life you are enjoying!

Abstract- Red Dot

I call this one Lipstick and Foundation.

Baby art- Shredded Dreams

*Ignore my lovely bath features. Hopefully I am posting renovation pics this year!

Dryer art- Loud Noises Thumping

Deconstructed Cheese Cube

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