Goodbye Glasses! The Day Before LASIK

You might say I have a tendency to lean into routine. Although I would declare myself a creative type, I sometimes wear blinders to possibility. I also have poor vision, yuk-yuk.

So at the ripe old age of 34, I wouldn’t have considered laser vision treatment unless my husband had first had the procedure and made me intensely jealous.

I don’t know why I haven’t considered it before. Maybe it’s the cost. Maybe it’s the time. Maybe it’s the laser in the eyeball…

At any rate, I am over the reservations and exuberantly await the benefits! I am writing this the day before my procedure. I thought it might be wise to write about the pros and cons before the surgery and I will then come back to share the results.

First, the not so cool thoughts I had…

  • Like I said before, laser in the eyeball. I mean, seriously… a laser.
  • Cost- $3,900 for the doctor I chose.
  • There is a slight chance of infection if you don’t care for your eyes properly, post surgery. Obviously, this risk is mitigated by following all precautions- wash your hands, use the eye drops they give you…
  • Pain. What if it hurts? It’s not like you can stop mid procedure!
  • There is a chance that you won’t have 20/20 vision even after surgery. This risk is small, but boy wouldn’t that stink.
  • You have to keep your eyes closed for four hours after the surgery. I don’t know why this seems tough but it does.
  • Vanity, I won’t get to wear cute frames anymore! And what if I don’t like my face anymore after seeing it with glasses for so long! Yikes!

And NOW, for the good side of things…

  • Obviously, when you open your eyes, potentially perfect vision without the hassle of glasses or contacts!
  • The procedure itself takes only a few minutes.
  • The laser machine is so sensitive, strong odors will disrupt the machine and the laser will stop. The chances of being inadvertently blinded are close to impossible.
  • My astigmatism will be wiped out with my poor vision!
  • No more sweaty workout with glasses sliding off!
  • No more toddler kicks to the glasses!
  • No more foggy/wet/steamy… glasses!

So these are just my thoughts pre-surgery. I am pretty excited to get this thing done! I’ll SEE you on the flip side!

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