Why do I have a blog? Is that the question?

Frankly, I am alone most of the day with my three kids. They are one, two and five and it gets lonesome. I spend my days living and my nights recovering. It’s pretty much just a series of normal, everyday events, linked together by moments of frustration and then clarity.

I have spent the past two years trying to get a foothold, which I am now convinced, does not exist. Working or not working, raising children or not- life is life. There will always be something to be disgruntled, stressed or nervous about. While on the flipside, there are the happy, joyful and relieving moments.

I think our happiness dwells in our point of view. My pride is the only thing that keeps me from admitting it most of the time. If I am in a disgruntled moment, I DO NOT want to admit that changing my point of view will change my attitude.

It might not make sense, but this outlook is what has brought me here. Sharing on the moments of the day is sometimes the only thing that I do that can put my life in perspective. Simply, I need a moment away from the mundane chaos to see that everything is alright.